The Storycast The many chapters of life that tell the stories of us… Finding the common thread in different types of stories.

June 30, 2017  


Tales of finding one's direction -- be it magnetic or true. A dotted line that leads the way... An explorer's bastardized discovery in the Arctic... Long lost stars to help find your way... and what was lost, now found.

INTRO: "A Dotted Line"
CHAPTER 1: "A Rock in the Water"
CHAPTER 2: "Star Light, Star Bright"
CHAPTER 3: "What Was Lost"

***** C R E D I T S *****
Dustin O'Halloran "Opus 28"
Marc Streitenfeld "Into The Fray"
The Cinematic Orchestra "Arrival of the Birds"
Russell Silva "Lost & Found"

Written & produced by: @russellsilva

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May 31, 2017  


Explore the godship of ancient deities, brand marketing, and self-proclaimed messiahs... phony or otherwise. What does it say about humanity that we strive to become God?

INTRO: "Wholy Holy"
CHAPTER 1: "Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing"
CHAPTER 2: "Can I Get a Witness"
CHAPTER 3: "It Takes Two"

***** C R E D I T S *****
Fariborz Lachini "Fall in Love Again"
Richard Anthony Jay "Written in the Ground"
Emile Pandolfi "Once Upon A December"
Ludovico Einaudi "Giorni Dispari"
Russell Silva "Benign"

Written & produced by: @russellsilva

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April 30, 2017  


We explore the interconnecting ribbons of both May Days and maydays. The historical account of the day itself... a dramatic distress call... the inception of the fight for workers' rights... multiplying vs. adding... and more original music.

INTRO: "They Launched Mayday"
CHAPTER 1: "Eight Hours"
CHAPTER 2: "Break Glass"
CHAPTER 3: "Save Our Ship"

***** C R E D I T S *****
Hammock "Mono No More"
Balmorhea "Limmet"
Olafur Arnalds "This Place Is A Shelter"
Ibi (Moby cover) "God Moving Over the Face of the Waters"
The Album Leaf "The Light"
Super Apprenent "Ukulele Relaxation"
Russell Silva "S.O.S."

Written & produced by: @russellsilva

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March 31, 2017  


Join as we look both above and below to understand the true fate of things: War games in the Caribbean... Falling garbage... Words written in the stars...

INTRO: "Then Let Us Run"
CHAPTER 1: "Cooler Heads Will Prevail"
CHAPTER 2: "Space Stuff"
CHAPTER 3: "As Above, So Below"

***** C R E D I T S *****
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis "Moving On"
British Sea Power "Woman of Aran"
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis "Rather Lovely Thing"
M83 "Raven Rock"
Ludovico Einaudi "Run"
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis "The Boy"
Sennen "Where the Light Gets In"
Russell Silva "Thumbs & Fingerprints"

Written & produced by: @russellsilva

February 28, 2017  


How does truth face up to the alternative? Fire up the fake news from 1933... An alternative take on St. Patrick's tale... Discovering truth...

CHAPTER 1: "Fake News"
CHAPTER 2: "Alternative Facts"
CHAPTER 3: "No Other Alternative"

***** C R E D I T S *****
Michele McLaughlin "The Lonely Ballerina"
Max Richter "On Reflection"
Max Richter "Zero Balance"
Chad Lawson "She Walks In Beauty"
Russell Silva "Fortress"

Written & produced by: @russellsilva

January 31, 2017  


Tales of alternative realities where all the rules have changed... A thirty-year timeout, political spelunking across the pond, discovering leverage to fix a new problem, and a journey through fire.

INTRO: "Begin at the Beginning"
CHAPTER 1: "We're All Mad Here"
CHAPTER 2: "Curiouser and Curiouser"
CHAPTER 3: "Come to the End: Then Stop"

***** C R E D I T S *****
Musical Mandalas "Spring Seance"
Rafter "Ending"
Julianna Barwick "The Magic Place"
Arvo Pärt "Spiegel im Spiegel"
Dustin O'Halloran "We Move Lightly"
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis "The Boy"
Rhonda Mackert "Night Song"
Hammock "I Can Almost See You"
Russell Silva "Forged by Fire"

Special thanks: Belinda B.

Written & produced by: @russellsilva

December 24, 2016  


All year long, while many of us are nice, some among us are indeed naughty... This time on The Storycast, punishing yuletide troublemakers, seeking out the heart of Christmas, and learning from our mistakes.

INTRO: "Naughty or Nice"
CHAPTER 1: "Xmas Past"
CHAPTER 2: "Xmas Present"
CHAPTER 3: "Xmas Future"

***** C R E D I T S *****
Singapore String Quartet "Waltz of the Flowers"
Jim Brickman "We Three Kings"
Matt Riley "Carol of the Bells"
Shiluco "Greensleeves"
Steven Sharp Nelson "Still, Still, Still"
Russell Silva "Noel"

Written & produced by: @russellsilva

November 24, 2016  


The many shades of "thank you," whether by words, action, or spirit. First, the inception of the American Thanksgiving and how the true tale differs from your textbook. Next, a dream of freedom by a true DREAMer... Finally, unearthing gratitude that hides in life.

INTRO: "Heartbreaker"
CHAPTER 1: "For Whom the Dinner Bell Tolls"
CHAPTER 2: "Ink & Paper"
CHAPTER 3: "Thank You"

***** C R E D I T S *****
Chad Lawson "A Love is Born"
Christopher Ferreira "The Dancer"
Philip Wesley "Light and Shadow"
Cremaine Booker (Hans Zimmer) "Time"
Russell Silva "Thank You"

Written & produced by: @russellsilva

October 28, 2016  


Facing a creepy monster or two? A big decision? Or, just can't figure out how to vote? From Greek mythology to everyday life, The Storycast uncovers the conundrum of being struck between a rock and a hard place.

***** C R E D I T S *****

Nick Cave ft. Warren Ellis "Song for Jesse"
Chad Lawson "Nocturne in A Minor"
Waverly "The Defeat"
Balmorhea "Remembrance"
Russell Silva "Reason"

Written & produced by: @russellsilva

September 30, 2016  


Three very different stories of “home,” wherever that might be: A familiar heart beating in an unfamiliar place... An unlikely ghost story... And a song about phoning home...

***** C R E D I T S *****

Helen Jane Long - " The Aviators"
Greg Maroney - "Dark"
Clint Mansell - "The Last Man"
Stephen Moccio - " Ow"
Russell Silva - "Home"

Written & produced by: @russellsilva
With contribution from: @therealsheenyp

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