The Storycast The many chapters of life that tell the stories of us… Finding the common thread in different types of stories.

March 31, 2017  


Join as we look both above and below to understand the true fate of things: War games in the Caribbean... Falling garbage... Words written in the stars...

INTRO: "Then Let Us Run"
CHAPTER 1: "Cooler Heads Will Prevail"
CHAPTER 2: "Space Stuff"
CHAPTER 3: "As Above, So Below"

***** C R E D I T S *****
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis "Moving On"
British Sea Power "Woman of Aran"
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis "Rather Lovely Thing"
M83 "Raven Rock"
Ludovico Einaudi "Run"
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis "The Boy"
Sennen "Where the Light Gets In"
Russell Silva "Thumbs & Fingerprints"

Written & produced by: @russellsilva

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