The Storycast The many chapters of life that tell the stories of us… Finding the common thread in different types of stories.

July 15, 2016  

We’re taking a break before launching season two this fall. So, if you’re new here, welcome, this is not a usual show... so feel free to go back and check out season one. In the meantime, for the rest of you, I’ll be posting a short tidbit every Friday to tie you over.

Our theme for this off-season is ‘the stories of summer’... so check back every week to hear a song that tells a remarkable tale that one way or another elicits inklings of Julys and Augusts. And the songs you’ll hear are all outstanding covers by amateurs of some level who posted their version online...

***** C R E D I T S *****
INTRO: The American Dollar - "Second Sight"
COVER: Jasmine Thompson - "Mad World" (Tears for Fears)
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