The Storycast The many chapters of life that tell the stories of us… Finding the common thread in different types of stories.

August 5, 2016  

The show is in-between seasons right now, but I’m excited to announce that the first episode of season two will be coming to you on the final Friday in September. I know that’s a ways off, but it’ll be worth the wait. The Storycast tells tales of the many chapters of life that tell the stories of us. We find the common thread in different kinds of stories... discovered in interviews, fiction, history, current events... and season two is shaping up with some really cool themes that will make you think, feel, and wonder a little bit more. If you care to support the show, head over to

But for now, we continue our “stories of summer” musical cover series. All July long we heard covers by amateurs. For August, you’ll hear the best songs you’ve never heard, and the stories they tell... This is The Civil Wars’ “Tip of My Tongue.” You can find a link to their music at

***** C R E D I T S *****
INTRO: The American Dollar - "Second Sight"
The Civil Wars - "Tip of My Tongue"
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